• Proton Therapy USA - 4 Key Drivers Flyers
  • 4 Key Drivers Contributing to the Growth of the Proton Therapy Industry

  • The Rise of the Single Room Proton Therapy Center: USA

    Over 50% of the centers displayed will be speaking about the economics of single room PT at the Proton Therapy Congress US on 28-29 June in Baltimore MD

  • Proton Therapy Clinical Trial Hotspots in the US

    The infographic includes:

    • Number of USA Proton Therapy Clinical Trials by State.
    • Percentage of Clinical Trials Per Indication.
    • Breakdown of Indications in the four largest States: Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida.
  • State of European Clinical Trials

    Produced exclusively for the Proton Therapy Congress, using current clinical trial data, this infographic shows you the state of European clinical trials for proton therapy, including data on trials in each country and disease indication.

  • Infographic – 80+ Treatment Rooms to be Operational in Europe by 2020

    A part of the ‘Where Are the Opportunities in Europe for Proton Therapy?’ series created in collaboration with MEDraysintell, exclusively for the Proton Therapy Congress.